Tracy Detz

Inspired by Amazing, Creative, Extraordinary Kids!

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Who I present to!

. Kindergarten and First Grade (30 min.)

. Second and Third Grade (45 min.)

. Fourth and Fifth Grade ( 45 min.)

What will we do?

For Kindergarten and First Grades: Reading and writing are fun!

. Why I love to read (favorite book)

. Why I love to write

. Read book

. Game

. Q&A




For Second and Third Grades: The Author's tools from start to finish.

. The tools an author uses

. How to build a story

. Final touches-revisions

. Story ideas

. Q&A

For Fourth and Fifth Grades: Publishing a book-Beginning to End.

. What does an author need to get started

. Where do Ideas come from

. From idea to story with Character/setting/plot/theme

. The way to publication

. Story ideas

. Q&A

What is my fee?

. Half a day-3 presentations $350

. 1 presentation $150

. 30 min. skype presentation $130























if interested in a school visit please contact me